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Grape boxes ©  Azienda Vinicola Zenato

As with all wines, labels come in different shapes and sizes, but with Amarone, the most recognisable are the traditional hand-written labels used famously by Quintarelli, Masi’s single vineyard wines and Cesari’s Il Bosco Cru. Whilst Quintarelli’s labelling has virtually unchanged through the years, other producers, such as the forward looking Allegrini have given their label a typical modern style whilst still retaining some of the tradition and formatting seen on older vintages. Also note the Quintarelli 1975 is presented in a 72cl format.

Quintarelli 1975 Quintarelli 1993

1975 Vintage: Quintarelli 1993 Vintage: Quintarelli

Dal Forno Romano 1987 Dal Forno Romano 2000

Allegrini 1981 Allegrini 2001

1981 Vintage: Allegrini 2001 Vintage: Allegrini

Sergio Zenato 1985 Sergio Zenato 2003

Mazzano 1986 Mazzano 1990 Mazzano 1999

Other notable features are the inclusion of “Recioto della Valpolicella Amarone” on the older labels before the D.O.C. amendment of 1990, the exception of Zenato which also shows “Riserva” on the 2003 vintage, following the latest amendments and finally the change from di to della on the Masi Cru Single Vineyard wine labels.

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