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Appassimento by Masi
The Classical Primary and Secondary Grape varieties of Verona: 1989
The Quality factors in the Veronese Wines: 1990
The seasons of Wine in the hills of Verona, Climate, microclimate and evaluation of vintages: 1991
Verona, The mosaic of its terrain is reflected in your wine-glass: 1992
Quality Red Wines of Verona: The Human factor: 1993
Veronese Vineyards, Man's contribution to quality: 1994
Appassimento (Drying of Grapes) in Valpolicella. New directions in a century long tradition: 1995
Oak aging and Veronese wines. A love or hate affair: 1996
Amarone: The influence of the Vineyard on style: Vinitaly 1997
Appassimento - In search of Adventure. Use non-Veronese grapes for Amarone?: Vinitaly 1998
Amarone: The Biological Background: Vinitaly 1999
Recioto... Amarcord: a wine to re-launch or re-invent?: Vinitaly 2000
The Wines of Verona: Quality, originality and biological technology: Vinitaly 2001
Appassimento New worldwide sensations: Vinitaly 2002
Old World's values and New World's visions: The Masi experience: Vinitaly 2003
Italian Wine: Construct of Brand marketing or terroir? Spotlight: the Venetian region: Vinitaly 2004
Native Grapes: A legacy of the Venetian Territories: Vinitaly 2005
Amarone: Updating Tipicity: Vinitaly 2007

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